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Components stuffing

Automatic mounting device SIEMENS SIPLACE S27HM (by current-technology leader in the area of SMT equipment) is used for stuffing of components.

Program generation with a separate computer, applying CAD and CAM data, high-end software, motorized drives of a conveyor system and other advantages provide minimal time intervals for retargeting of whole production cycle to new product output.

Automatic mounting device SIPLACE S27HM
Double-track automatic device with 12 nozzle set heads. Provides stuffing capacity of 26500 components per hour. Setting accuracy is 90 mcm (at 4?). The range of mounted SMD components 0201 ... IMC dimensions of 18х18 mm and lead-out pitch of 0.4 mm. It allows applying all types of component packages. Possible PCB dimensions: 50 x 50 mm … 495 x 216 mm. The software of this device allows working with CAD data and providing statistic information on assembly processes.

Automated line for surface mounting

Home Technology and equipment Components stuffing