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Optical inspection

After mounting on all automated lines all the products are subject to compulsory control of assembly quality by automatic optical inspection device Agilent MVT GS1

Technical specifications:

  • Displacement: system with linear motors; Encoder resolution: 1 mcm (linear scale);
  • Maximal operation field: 500 х 500 mm; Maximal displacement rate: 1.5 m/sec;
  • Perpendicularity: less than 10 circular seconds; Straightness in plane: Х-direction –less ±10 mcm, Y-direction– less ±15 mcm; Recurrence in both directions: Х-direction – less ±2 mcm, Y-direction– less ±5,5 mcm;
  • Inspection accuracy (on operation field): Х-direction – less ±20 mcm, Y-direction – less±22 mcm;
  • Dynamic brake;
  • Air cooling of linear motors;

For surface mounting the following control is possible:

  • presence and absence of components
  • vertical and horizontal displacement of components
  • rotation of components
  • polarity

For lead-out mounting the following can be controlled: the presence/absence of solder, lead-out bending, formation of bridges. For PCB topside surface control the orientation of microcircuits and component polarity can be tested.

Home Technology and equipment Optical inspection