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Home Technology and equipment Moisture protection, lacquering of modules
Moisture protection, lacquering of modules

Our service on moisture-protection coating can be provided as one of the stages of contract manufactured production assembling. We apply moisture-protection coatings CRC Industries Europe NV, Belgium, and SSC3 Electrolube, England, which, in addition to excellent moisture-protective functions, exclude any additional means for electronic units protection from high temperature impact, corrosion and aggressive chemical environments, and even mechanical effects.

Applied moisture protection coatings preserve electronic modules from failure in case of moisture ingress on board of metal objects. We use up-to-date materials, an obvious advantage of which is the ability to reflect ultra-violet light rays. Due to this we provide effective control of coating application quality on electronic modules.

URETHAN 71 - Manufacturer: CRC Industries Europe NV, Belgium

URETHAN 71 - is a transparent cover for PCBs, having excellent insulation properties. The coating is made of air-drying single-component polyurethane-alkyd resin and has a perfect adhesion at temperature range from - 40°C to +120°C. Due to intensification of protective properties after drying, URETHAN 71 creates a coating which is resistant to moisture and aggressive environments.

SSC3 – manufacturer: Electrolube, England

SSC3 – is a flexible, transparent coating of modified organosilicon polymer. It complies with the highest safety standards of Europe and USA, approved by British Ministry of Defence, MOD, DEF-STAN 59/47 Issue 4, and USA Underwriters Laboratories, UL, QMJU2.


SCC3 is intended for protection of electronic circuits and complies with the highest standards of military and aerospace production. It is normally used in communication media, location devices and similar applications.

  • Adopted by UL as a standard for printed circuit boards, E138403 (R).
  • Resistant to most solvents, lubricants and refrigerants.
  • Resistant to mold fungi and ultraviolet radiation, to tropic climate and salt fog long-term exposure.
  • Operation temperature ranges from - 70 °С to 200 °С.
  • Glossy high-strength surface.
  • Good dielectric qualities at the frequencies, specified in DEF-STAN standard 59-4/2, at coating width from 25 to 50 mcm.
  • Fluorescence under ultraviolet radiation influence, which facilitates examination of coating condition.
  • Not emitting toxic gases like isocyanates, while soldering.

Home Technology and equipment Moisture protection, lacquering of modules