Jofre Labortechnik

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R&D departament
Jofre Labortechnik has accumulated the required knowledge to design and produce products with both high reliability and quality, and low cost and manufacturability.
Our service ranges across the full development life cycle, from concept specification to prototype development and production support

We have experience in the development of:

  • microprocessor controls for instrumentation;
  • software design and development;
  • communication and access controlling;
  • PC interfacing;
  • PCB design;
  • custom controllers for various applications;
  • data conversions;
  • embedded interface communication;
  • normal and switched power supplies;
  • industrial equipment for outdoor applications;
  • LED application for advertising;
  • digital and analog designs;
  • mechanical and packaging design;
  • process and temperature controls;
  • connecting electronic devices to networks or Internet;
  • building the LED lighting systems for outdoor application;
  • development and building big LED moving message boards for outdoor usage.

Home R&D departament