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PCB automatic mounting

For automatic mounting of electronic modules we use completely automated high-performance conveyor line for surface mounting. All stages of SMT in this line are performed with high-technology equipment manufactured by such leaders as SIEMENS (Germany), MPM (USA), Vitronics Soltec (the Netherlands), ASYS (Germany). The equipment affords working with traditional textolite PCBs, aluminium PCBs and stuffing the components with unit size of 0201 to microcircuits in CSP and QFP packages with lead-out pitch of 0.4 mm and dimensions up to 45 mm, including series of complex components, such as connectors, electrolytic capacitors, etc.

PCB infeed from a stack to the line is operated by ASYS LSB03D feeder.
Soldering paste application is executed in stencil printer MPM AP-25 Excel, which automatically provides all necessary stencil printing parameters, such as PCB and stencil alignment accuracy by reference marks, specified pressure and displacement rate of a squeegee, rate of vertical separation of stencil from circuit board after paste application, etc. The embedded optical 2D inspection provides control of paste application quality.

The next module is a storage buffer for two units, which provides a required flexibility to a line and capacity matching of paste application module and automatic mounting machine.

Automatic mounter SIEMENS Siplace S27HM has 12 nozzle heads on each of two portals, providing high-speed (26500 components per hour) and fine (90 mcm at 4?) setting of SMD-components on a printed circuit board. The automatic machine applies a system of element recognition "on-the-fly” by a laser camera (correction of element position in space, dimensions control, defective components exclusion). Software allows amassing statistic information on assembly processes.
Mounter’s workplace is embedded in a line for mounting of non-standard radio components on boards and visual control of modules before soldering.
Soldering occurs in a conveyor installation for convection reflow of soldering pastes Vitronics Soltec Quantis Pro3. The installation consists of 10 heating areas and 2 cooling areas with total length of 5230 mm, providing PCB heating uniformity and exact soldering temperature. To avoid deflection of large PCBs at oven heating a special maintenance system is provided.

Soldered products are discharged from conveyor to special buffer units by means of automatic device ASYS AMS03D.

The components for mounting are accepted in the following media:

  • coils of 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 44mm
  • sticks of any width
  • matrix pallets for microcircuit chips
For order-making the following should be provided:
  • P-Cad (4.5 — 2002), OrCad or Protel file with your product design
  • a file with CAM or Gerber multiple workpiece blank (if the boards were not manufactured by our company)
  • a detailed specification according to which mounting should be executed (specifying, in particular, non-mounted components)
  • additional requirements to mounting (if any)
  • completing units, according to the requirements stated below

Completing units should be delivered in a standard factory package: coils, sticks and pallets for microchips. If a coil is not complete, it must contain a leader (entering end) of minimum 20 cm free from components. The tapes consisting of several separate parts are not accepted to mounting!

Cost of order execution:

  • пpre-production - 250 USD
  • stencil manufacturing is included in pre-production cost
  • the cost of SMD components mounting is calculated based on PCB soldering points quantity according to the customer’s design documentation and technological peculiarities of the mounted components
  • the cost of lead-out mounting – 0.02 USD per soldering point

The prices are valid since January 1, 2009

Automatic mounting

Soldering points quantity per order Price per one soldering point mounting
30 000 — 50 000 0,01
50 000 — 100 000 0,008
100 000 — 250 000 0,006
250 000 — 700 000 0,004
700 000 — 1 000 000 0,003
More than 1 000 000 on request

All prices are specified in USD including VAT.

Mounting of each PCB side is calculated as a separate order.

The specified prices are approximate. The value of order is influenced by such factors as product complexity, nomenclature of part types, completing, product compliance with automatic mounting requirements. In any case, the cost of every order is considered individually and agreed with a customer. The terms of order execution are determined subject to agreement with a customer and depend on the order volume and our production workload.

Home Contract manufacture PCB automatic mounting