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Completing of products

The basic principle of our work – high-quality completing by world’s leading manufacturers.

To meet our customers' requirements our company is cooperating with leading foreign suppliers, which considerably reduces the delivery terms of necessary components and expands the range of deliveries without quality damage.

Our company’s main objective in working with customers is absolute fulfilment of the undertaken obligations. Therefore our specialists are duly responsible for any requests and execute orders accurately and in due time, not undertaking impossible obligations.

Possible variants of work:

  • completing by a customer
  • partial completing delivery (passive components) by our company. Pricing optimization and delivery schedule coordination processes are rather labour-intensive, therefore self-purchase of active components would be more reasonable at first-stage cooperation;
  • our full completing. Full completing of your products by us is more reasonable at mass serial orders;
  • the customer’s completing with assessment of our potentials on components delivery. We will try to offer the components at less price than your current price.

Note: Please, give the total information on each component in your inquiry:

  • for resistors – rating, tolerance, standard size;
  • for capacitors – nominal rating, tolerance, standard size, dielectric material;
  • for semiconductors and microcircuits – manufacturer name, temperature range, package type;
  • for location elements (connectors, commutators, etc.) - exact denomination and manufacturer name.

We use only import components, therefore in case of your application of domestic components, please, specify a possible equivalent or analogue.

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Home Contract manufacture Completing of products