Integrated product design and development

We provide design and development services for electronic product development. Our services are integrated with manufacturing and can help our clients minimize the risks of time to market and cost. We practice design for manufacturing from the beginning of every project, ensuring that ramping up to volume is not an issue. We can facilitate the process of getting you to full production with a product that is optimized with respect to manufacturing. Our services can also include product development starting not only from the idea phase but from any part of a project, contributing expertise and value to your product.


We provide a wide range of EMS solutions for the electronic products industry based on an individual approach.


Our working process includes several stages:

  • Forming the concept of the future device. At this stage, we work closely with the customer to make sure the electronic product design and development meets their needs and expectations, technical specification is being created at this stage.
  • Electronic prototype development, which allows us to provide all product features and foresee possible difficulties or device’s weak points.
  • Making changes and amendments to the technical specification based on the results of prototype testing. This stage ensures the quality of our engineering and manufacturing services.
  • Cost calculation for the final electronic product manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing itself, after the customer’s approval.


As an electronic contract manufacturing company, we create several concepts using our best practices and the customer’s input. If we find it necessary, we produce product mock-ups and perform a feasibility study in order to fully understand product design and functionality. In the product development stage, we make a preliminary cost calculation of its development and manufacturing. We carry out an integrated electronics product design and development process from an idea to the ready-made unit based on the needs of each client.


Our main capabilities include:

  • Design for Manufacturing and Design for Testability
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design validation/optimization
  • Hardware and software development
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Testing and quality standards
  • Manufacturability/sustainability assessments
  • Pre-production and manufacturing support
  • Technical support