Tests and Certifications

At JOFRE we develop comprehensive, integrated and cost effective test strategies at the component, sub-assembly, and finished product levels using customer and industry standard hardware & software platforms. We provide customers with complete solutions for a variety of testing requirements.


We create a large number of specialty tests to verify the performance of products under any operating condition. We carry out a set of tests on an initial batch of products to confirm compliance with technical specifications. This allows us to identify limitations in software or hardware of a product and make appropriate corrections to the design and documentation and software. Testing quality has big influence on product reliability, which is especially important in serial production.

During a production process we provide the following types of testing:


Visual inspectionwith both automated optical inspection (AOI) and X-ray equipment. Quality department specialists use optical instruments (microscopes, magnifiers, etc.) in order to verify the quality of products.


In-circuit control – automated testing of assembled PCBs with the help of special stands


Burn-in testing – checking the functionality of products during the most critical time in order to detect hidden defects


Special tests – dielectric withstand tests, vibration tests, temperature tests, leak test, vacuum test, packaging drop test, etc.


Final tests – performance tests of finished products before delivery to a customer.


We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products, continually improving productivity, and environmental sustainability. In support of these goals, we certify products for electromagnetic compatibility and safety in accordance with the following standards:

  • ETL (UL) Safety Approval
  • CE Safety Approval
  • FCC Compliance EMC
  • CE Compliance EMC
  • EAC Compliance