Electrical Engineering

Production of modern and innovative products requires efficient and reliable solutions. Many modern products have special requirements that consume less energy, are more compact and use software that simultaneously has high performance and stability in operation.


JOFRE offers integrated services for electrical engineering that will help you create energy-efficient, innovative products. Our highly qualified team works closely with customers to ensure the maximum efficiency of a product.


Our main capabilities include:

  • Digital and analog electronic development;
  • Single, double-sided or multi-layer PCB design;
  • Embedded systems;
  • Communication interfaces;
  • Testing and quality control;
  • Development of wireless products;
  • Pre-production planning.


We carry out electronic development, design and contract manufacturing of electronic devices and systems such as single, double and multi-layer printed circuit boards, embedded systems, etc. according to individual customer’s requirements. We offer complex development of digital and analog electronic products including manufacturing and debugging product prototypes along with introduction of various electronic systems and devices in industrial production.


Our experienced designers will develop printed circuit boards of any complexity within the shortest possible time. We accept orders for any kind of printed circuit boards design. The cost of a PCB developing is estimated based on the complexity and area of the board, trace density and other factors.