Our quality system is the result of over 20 years of development and refinement of best practices, processes and tools. We have created an environment of continuous improvement with great performance and customer service. Our experience and requirements, which we impose on our products, allow us to produce products with the highest quality standards. Whether you are a manufacturer or end user, JOFRE experts will make sure your products obtain the certifications you need for Electronic products.

ISO 9001: 2015 certificate

№ BY229365, July 4, 2020.

The certificate is valid until July 4, 2023.

Certification body – FLLC “Bureau Veritas Bel Ltd”

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Electronic manufacturing standards

Our company operates in accordance with the standards set forth by the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) – a trade association that publishes one of the most authoritative regulatory documents in the field of design and manufacturing for electronic products and embedded systems. These documents contain information on the following stages of development:

  • Development of electronic products
  • Selection of components and materials
  • PCB control
  • Assembly of electronic components and modules
  • Control of electronic components and modules
  • Electronic documentation and document management for electronics development and manufacturing
  • Equipment standards and CE certification for electronic devices
  • Standardization and technical specifications in advanced technology of mounting and interconnector performance
  • Questions regarding dealing with the components, materials, etc.

Some IPC regulations:

  • IPC-A-610E – visual quality acceptability requirements for electronic assemblies.
  • IPC-A-600G – acceptability of PCBs.
  • IPC\WHHA-A-620A – requirements and acceptance for cable and wire harness assemblies.

Internal quality control system

Our internal quality control system drives our traceable manufacturing process and ensures repeatability.


Our internal quality control includes:

  • Incoming quality control of components and materials;
  • Intermediate inspection performed during a technological process;
  • Outgoing quality control conducted over blanks, assembly units, and finished products.

Incoming quality control of components and materials

Our incoming management system contains all of the information necessary to manage the supply base – measuring supplier performance for all key metrics. Our goal is to achieve and maintain a zero defect level for incoming quality and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring incoming materials meet all customer and component specified requirements.

  • Approved vendor list check
  • Supplier quality records
  • Sampling of incoming materials
  • Dimension, visual and functional inspection of material samples
  • Quality control chart of inspected properties and alert engineering staff of significant deviations

Production control

Production control includes:

  • Product inspections on assembled and in-process materials according to IPC-A-610D standards
  • Function tests, adjustments, and burn-in tests
  • Control of installation and semi-finished products (modules) by quality inspectors
  • Thermo profile controls
  • X-ray inspection
  • PCB clean control
  • AOI


We execute preventive control measures at the beginning of serial production and during the production process in order to prevent defective articles.

Outgoing quality control of completed products

Outgoing quality control of completed products at the following stages:

  • Final inspection of finished products (control check)
  • Visual and functional inspection
  • Reliability testing
  • Control at the packaging stage
  • Recurring testing of finished products