Firmware & Software Development

Firmware is a key component for modern electronics – it is the code that directs a system’s functions. JOFRE’s firmware team has extensive experience developing for a wide variety of products. We select the right solution and develop the relevant firmware for the best possible performance of your electronic products.


We can help deliver the best software solution for whatever application or system you want to develop. We are capable of working with a variety of platforms, processors, protocols, and programming languages.


As developers of both hardware and software, we assess potential weaknesses with respect to technical feasibility, the product’s performance, and other main parameters. As a result, we can clear up what is the right platform to choose and find the best engineering solutions for electronic products software development.

Microcontrollers and microprocessors:

  • ARM Cortex M3, ARM7, ARM9 (NXP, ST)
  • MSP430
  • TI CC2510
  • DS80C400
  • Renesas R8C
  • x51
  • STM8

Software development:

  • Embedded software (C, Asm, Java)
  • PC Applications (C#, C++, Delphi, Java)

Interface Design:

  • Wired: RS232, RS485/RS422, USB, CAN, Current Loop, DMX, RDM, custom protocols
  • Embedded: I2C, SPI, DS-1Wire;
  • Networks: Internet, Ethernet, TCP/IP, Lonwork;
  • Wireless: GSM/GPRS, WiFi, Radiolink uber ISM- Band
  • Special: PowerLine, POS

While software fills electronic devices with intelligence and life, the firmware ensures that your hardware remains compatible with future interface protocols. JOFRE carries out a full-cycle process of electronic products design, engineering and manufacturing starting from the device concept, electronic solution to the software and firmware development, ergonomic design and packaging.